Pastors for Peace Caravan

Indianapolis IFCO Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan Event
Tuesday July 15th. 11:30am
Indiana Interchurch Center
42nd and MLK Blvd.
Located near Butler University campus

For more info see:

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Kay Westhues–Artist Talk

Friday July 11, Fire Arts, South Bend, IN

Friday July 11, Fire Arts, South Bend, IN

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Fusterland, Jamanitas, Cuba

Fusterland, Jamanitas, Cuba

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Remedios y Caibairen

Accompanied by her  husband/official representative.


Madeline Pérez Noa in her studio

Hotel Mascotte lobby, Remedios
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Glimpses of 2014 Cuba trip

ICAIC lobbyimageimage

ICAIC lobby (top)
Instituto Cubano del Artes y Industrias Cinemagraficos

John Lennon Park, Vedado.
Formerly Parque Menocal (center)

ICAP Santa Clara, Villa Clara. Mural by Madelin Pérez Noa. Assisted by Destino Cuba.


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Delegation to Cuba

For the first visit in over ten years, 11 CUBAmistad affiliates will travel to
Cuba to renew ties and learn more about the many changes that have occurred in our absence.
We will be housed in the ICAP Hostel that was erected since our previous group visit.
Stay tuned to our website when we have photos and other information to share after our return on May 31.
We are grateful to the City of Blmgtn, WFIU and WFHB and Lotus Festival for donations of items that are representative of Bloomington IN that we will share with the group. Also to a host of local musicians for sharing their music and interest in Cuba in general and our sister city of Santa Clara.

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Fernando Gonzalez soon to be freed

Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014

Cuban Five hero Fernando González to be
freed from U.S. prison on Feb. 27, 2014

On February 27, 2014, when Fernando González is released from Safford federal
prison in Arizona, he will have completed
15 years, 5 months and 15 days of a sentence imposed after a U.S.
government political prosecution.

But Fernando will not simply walk out of Safford on Feb. 27. As one of his appeals
attorney Richard Klugh explains, since Fernando is not a U.S. citizen, he will be
detained temporarily by Immigration authorities.

“In order to facilitate his immediate return to Cuba, he has quashed any pending appeal or Habeas proceeding, so that it cannot be used as a basis to keep him here. And he has waived any right to contest his deportation to Cuba. Fernando has that paperwork completed and negotiations are taking place for what we hope is an immediate return to Cuba and his wonderful family.”

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