Pastors for Peace. Cuba Caravan in Town June 18.

Cubamistad Talk on June 18, 6 pm at Unitarian Universalist
Church library. 2120 Fee Ln.Bloomington,IN.
UU Refugee and Immigration Support and Education task force is hosting an event with Cubamistad on Tuesday, June 18 at 6 pm in the Library. Cubamistad is sponsoring a stop by IFCO-Pastors for Peace as they promote human rights for all. All are invited to a pitch-in meal as we learn more about the current aggression against Cuba and the continuing struggle to achieve peaceul and benign relations between Cuba and the United States. The speaker will be Luis Barrios, a professor at John Jay College and president off Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization’s board. Since 1992, Pastors for Peace Caravans have taken both people and humanitarian aid to Cuba from the U.S. without a license, as a profound act of conscience and solidarity.

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Catching Up with Cuba–films.

Films by Eugene Corr at IUB and IUPUC

Ghost Town to Havana 7pm March 4.
See details at

Waldo Salt: A Screenwriters Journey.
Sunday March 3. Fine Arts. IUB. 4:00pm
/with Ryder films ( )

Ghost Town to Havana. March 5 Tuesday 12:00noon.
Lecture Hall at
Columbus Learning Center, 4555 Central Ave. Columbus.

Director Eugene Corr will be present at each of these

We invite you to attend a these films on which we are collaborating with IU Cinema and other partners including:
Hands to Cuba, School of Education, CLACS, International Studies, Ruth Lilly Endowment, Documentation Center, Black Film Center, Cultural Studies Program. OVP for Research & DEMA,
FIlm and Media Studies, Latino Studies and Latino Faculty and
staff Council. IUPUC division of Liberal Arts.

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Baseball news flash

Breaking: Major League Baseball and the Cuban Baseball Federation have agreed on historic deal that would allow Cuban players to come to MLB without defecting.

On the subject of baseball we are offering a film series in conjunction with IU Cinema and CLACS. “Catching Up with Cuba” will feature ‘GhostTown to Havana’ by Eugene Corr about youth baseball teams from US and Cuba that compete in Havana (Mar 4)
The second film is Conducta (Behavior) by Cuban filmmaker Daranas. (Feb 24).

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Trip to Cuba May 2018






Las Terrazas, Artist Studio View of Lake








Restaurant in Havana


Mateo Fuentes-Rohwer at Plaza de la Revolución, Havana




Children at La Colmenita with Director Cremata









Symphonic Music in El Mejunje Theatre



Portrait of José Martí
















Revolution Café





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Latin American Working Group toolkit


Latin America Working Group provides a toolkit to advocate for an end to the U.S. travel ban and trade embargo against Cuba.

One example of the economic outcome of the “blockade”…

Battery maker suspends trade with Canadian cobalt supplier over U.S.-Cuba sanctions concerns.
Panasonic Corp, which produces batteries for Tesla, suspended trade with its Canadian supplier Sherritt International Corp over embargo-related concerns surrounding the amount of Cuban-mined cobalt that may be in the cells, which may end up in the U.S. market, Reuters reports. A spokeswoman for Panasonic told Reuters that the company “has sought guidance from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regarding its interpretation of the scope of the U.S. ban on Cuban-origin imports.”
Unrelated but also of interest:
Slow food movement takes hold in Cuba.

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Cuba Caravan with Gail Walker

Podcast of interview with Gail Walker on WFHB.

Pastors for Peace Gail
Walker w/ Ned & Heike

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Cuba Caravan

Building Bridges
Tearing Down Walls
The Cuba Caravan is Coming to town

Join Cubamistad and Pastors for Peace
for a Pitch-in Meal and a Movie.
6:00 pm Thursday June 28th
​302 N. Rogers St. Bloomington, IN.
Hear the inspirational words of Gail Walker
​Director of IFCO-Pastors for Peace
Dare to Dream is a 30 minute movie the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Havana, Cuba through the eyes of US students who are recipients of full scholarships in return for their commitment to practice medicine in under-served communities.
Through the stories of ELAM graduates, we learn the history of this medical school that is revolutionizing healthcare on a global level, graduating more than 26,000 doctors from around the world.

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