Norma Vasallo announces 2011 Women’s Conference in Cuba

VII International Conference
Women in the 21st Century

University of Havana, Cuba
May 16th to 20th, 2011

Dra. Norma Vasallo, the Chair of Women Studies of the University of Havana, is pleased to announce the 2011 VII International Scientific Workshop “Women in the 21st Century,” co-sponsored by the Federation of Cuban Women. Its objectives are to provide a space for scientific and theoretical reflection on gender and the most important issues concerning women and feminist theory; to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange of experiences about these themes among experts of different fields; to disseminate research findings and experiential knowledge about these topics, as well as to promote their continuity and exchange; and to encourage an exchange of working experiences among women about contemporary feminist and women movements.

Professor Vasallo’s visit to Indiana University

In coordination with Indiana University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, CUBAmistad is pleased to bring Dr. Norma Vasallo to Bloomington from March 21 to 25, 2011.  In addition to a public conversation that will take place at Rachael’s Cafe on Monday, March 21st (see the attached flyer for details), we have confirmed the coordination of a working group discussion with Professor Vasallo on Tuesday, March 22nd at 1pm at CLACS (1125 E. Atwater).

Professor Vasallo has been a central figure in the integration of gender studies perspectives into the curriculum of the University of Havana.  She is excited about the opportunity to speak with students and faculty about her efforts  as well as the current status of women’s and gender studies in Cuba.  Her paper Los Estudios de La Mujer, Mujeres, y Genero en Cuba will provide a framework for the discussion.  This conversation will be in Spanish and CLACS will provide food and refreshments for everyone in attendance.


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2 Responses to Norma Vasallo announces 2011 Women’s Conference in Cuba

  1. Tamera Humbert says:

    I am posting this e-mail to ask if there might be any possibility of connecting with you to continue conversations about women overcoming violence.

    I have been conducting research for the past 10 years and with a fellow faculty member, Dr. Charla Lorenzen we will be coming to Cuba on a faculty tour from June 5-12th.

    We would be very much interested in speaking with women or fellow researchers if possible.

    • copaesthetic says:

      Hello Tamera,
      I am one of two who monitors this site. I will forward your message onto Norma along with your email address so she can contact you directly.

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