Child’s School Exchanges with Sister Cities, Santa Clara, Cuba and Posoltega, Nicaragua

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, CubAmistad members Gabriella Coolidge and Michelle Henderson gave a presentation about exchanges with our sister cities at the Indiana AATSP meeting in Indianapolis (AATSP = American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese). Michelle described how the project of exchanging bookmarks made by students in Bloomington and Santa Clara, Cuba, came about. The idea is to communicate through language and art. The children decorated their bookmarks with drawings and wrote greetings in both Spanish and English. Gaby, the Spanish teacher at Child’s, told about working with her students to create bookmarks, and showed slides with examples of their work (first and second slides below) Bookmarks and art supplies from students at Child’s were delivered to schools in Santa Clara by CubAmistad members in November, and students there sent bookmarks back to Bloomington. Students at Child’s are now making little books for students in Santa Clara (third slide below). Debbi Conkle collaborated with Gaby and her students to facilitate a Skype meeting with students in Posoltega. Students at Child’s asked why many of the Nicaraguan children weren’t wearing shoes. When they learned that many families there are very poor, they spontaneously decided to send them shoes! The fourth slide shows baskets of shoes they have collected.



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