PREempt Trumps expected CUBA restrictions

We condemn the blockade and the devastating effect it continues to have on Cubans.This stranglehold on Cubans severely impacts their daily lives as it diminishes and harms Cuba’s economy. It isolates US from the goodwill of the global community. ¬† ¬†Globally women seek alternatives to violence, and the end of poverty and discrimination. As a result of the Cuban Revolution the people of Cuba have realized,a vision of human development that is a global model,despite significant economic challenges We strive to undo specific cruelties to Cuban women and children that result from the US economic blockade..

Cubamistad is committed to sharing resources for legislative advocacy and to collaborate with national and global allies to analyze and support US policy changes toward fully normalized travel and trade between the sovereign nations of Cuba and the US. We work to foster government policy that supports free exchanges so that citizens of both countries might experience the realities of one another’s cultures and commerce for themselves. Consult for action alerts….or