CUBAmistad is a sister-city project linking Bloomington, Indiana, USA and Santa Clara, Cuba. Our goal is to encourage dialogue and understanding between citizens of Cuba and the USA.

We meet monthly. September meeting is slated for noon at Morgenstern’s on Wednesday the 14th.           849 S AutoMall Rd.      Newcomers are welcome….

We customarily hold a monthly Rally calling for an End to the Blockade of Cuba on the final Sunday of the month at noon at the Courthouse Square at Kirkwood and Walnut.

Why there are increasing reasons now for the USA to end its blockade of Cuba?


3 Responses to About

  1. Gary Hoover says:

    Considering that the Obama Administration has announced new regulations governing U.S. citizen travel to Cuba, may I ask what you folks are planning to reactivate your sister city contacts in Cuba? We are matched with Caibarien and Remedios which are close to Santa Clara. We may be able to coordinate joint activities.

    Gary Hoover, President
    CubAmigos Sister Cities Association of Bloominton-Normal (Illinois)

    • cubamistad says:

      Hi, Gary. Glad to see your group is still active. We’ve been thinking about trying to create some kind of academic program through the university here. But yes, it should be easier now to also travel as a sister-city group (though I’m not clear on how much has actually changed in that regard).

      We still have contact with people in Santa Clara, in any case.

      Let’s stay in touch; I imagine we can collaborate in some way.


  2. Hannah says:

    Hello! My name is Hannah Weigle and I go to Butler University. I am a member of First Presbyterian Church in Bloomington, and I have gone on two mission trips to Bloomington’s other sister city, Posoltega, Nicaragua.

    I am contacting you because I am actually going to Cuba in May through a Butler course on sustainability. Because we will be traveling to Santa Clara at some point during out trip, I am really interested in Bloomington’s sister city relationship, and time permitting, I would be interested in meeting with someone while I am there (I have not yet been given the itinerary).

    Please contact me! My email is hweigle@butler.edu

    Hannah Weigle

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